David L. Porter, P.E., President

Craig D. Sams, P.E., Vice President

Richard G. FitzGerald, P.E., Senior Project Manager

Frederick A. Radcliffe, P.E., Project Manager



Dave was Childs Engineering’s second employee in 1972 and worked his way up the ranks until taking over ownership of the company in 1998

His professional career has concentrated solely in waterfront engineering. He is well-versed in all facets of inspection, design and construction. As a vital part of all waterfront projects, Dave is knowledgeable about the physical limitations imposed on waterfront structures caused by wind, wave, wake and ice forces and draft and area requirements.

Dave has been involved in much of the development of the Boston waterfront, and has a genuine understanding of being able to address the needs of both the developers and the regulators to ensure a successful outcome to any project. This work has included  projects at Rowes Wharf, Battery Wharf, Fan Pier, Long Wharf, World Trade Center, Union Wharf,  and Lovejoy Wharf to name a few.

Dave is an experienced diver having participated and led many underwater inspections for Childs contracts with the US Navy and other clients over the past 40 years. He holds an ADCI Card for surface supplied air diving as well as SCUBA Certification. He has also been involved in permit/licensing of such structures throughout most of New England and New York. Dave continues to teach a course on the safe dry docking of vessels for our shipyard clients and other public agencies.

Dave is licensed to practice engineering in MA, ME, NY, and RI

Contact Dave at: porterd@childseng.com

Vice President

Craig joined Childs Engineering in 1982 as an engineer/diver and became Vice President in 1995

He heads up Childs Engineering’s diving operations and as principal in charge of field operations he has participated in and directed above and below water engineering projects throughout North America, Europe, and the Pacific. Craig is a commercial diver holding an ADCI Card for surface supplied air diving. He has remained active in all aspects of Childs diving operations conducting underwater inspections throughout the US for clients like the US Navy and the Coast Guard.

Craig has a tremendous amount of experience managing Childs contracts with the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security.

His career in waterfront engineering has lead him to have a broad range of experiences in this field that has included underwater inspection, structural assessment, structural analysis, design of repairs, design of new structures, bridge inspections,  permitting for structures and dredging, hydrographic surveys, marina design and design, repair and certification of ship lift systems.

Craig is licensed to practice engineering in MA, PA, and RI

Contact Craig at: samsc@childseng.com

Senior Project Manager

Rich started at Childs Engineering in 1982 after working as a diver and dock builder for a local marine contractor and in the Hydrodynamics Department at NUWC (formerly NUSC) for the US Navy.

His professional career at Childs Engineering has involved both above and below water inspection and design of structures at marine facilities around the world.  He is ADC Certified as a Commercial Diver.

Rich has been involved in many public-private partnership projects and understands the unique need that each of the parties involved needs.

He has served as project manager on many projects including the design of structures constructed of timber, concrete, steel, stone masonry; including piers, wharves, bulkheads, shore protection structures, berthing dolphins, mooring facilities, potable water storage structures, intake structures, and sewage discharge structures, as well as buried pipe lines and cables.

He has also been Project Manager  for projects involving  the inspection, certification and design of specialized structures such as vehicular and pedestrian transfer structures for ferry terminals, berthing systems for ferry terminals, and various shiplift systems including graving docks, floating dry docks, vertical lifts and marine railways.

Rich is a licensed Engineer in MA, CT, and RI.

Contact Rich at: fitzgeraldr@childseng.com

Project Manager

Fred started at Childs Engineering in 1983 having worked as a geotechnical engineer for a couple of years. At Childs Engineering he has been involved in the under­water inspection, assessment, and repair recommendations for numerous waterfront facilities as well as focusing on the geotechnical aspects of structures around the waterfront.

He has a Masters degree in Geotechnical Engineering, and serves as lead engineer, in charge of the geotechnical aspects, in projects requiring that form of expertise.

In addition to Fred’s extensive investigation experience, he has developed designs for repairs of existing structures and designs for new piers, wharves, bulkheads, seawalls, dolphins, and relieving platforms. He has prepared designs for repair and/or new construction in timber, steel, concrete, and stone masonry for private homeowners, municipalities, and government agencies.

Fred is licensed to practice engineering in MA.

Contact Fred at: radcliffef@childseng.com