Rich started at Childs Engineering in 1982 after working as a diver and dock builder for a local marine contractor and in the Hydrodynamics Department at NUWC (formerly NUSC) for the US Navy.

His professional career at Childs Engineering has involved both above and below water inspection and design of structures at marine facilities around the world.  He is ADC Certified as a Commercial Diver.

Rich has been involved in many public-private partnership projects and understands the unique need that each of the parties involved needs.

He has served as project manager on many projects including the design of structures constructed of timber, concrete, steel, stone masonry; including piers, wharves, bulkheads, shore protection structures, berthing dolphins, mooring facilities, potable water storage structures, intake structures, and sewage discharge structures, as well as buried pipe lines and cables.

He has also been Project Manager  for projects involving  the inspection, certification and design of specialized structures such as vehicular and pedestrian transfer structures for ferry terminals, berthing systems for ferry terminals, and various shiplift systems including graving docks, floating dry docks, vertical lifts and marine railways.

Rich is a licensed Engineer in MA, CT, and RI.

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