Location: Moosabec Reach, Jonesport, Maine

Childs Engineering Corporation was tasked by the United States Coast Guard to perform a hydrographic survey and a dredge design for the proposed dredging of the boat basin at the USCG Station Jonesport.

Childs determined the limits of dredge based on the initial hydrographic survey and analysis of ship movement and worked with the regulatory agencies to develop a sediment testing plan based on the proposed dredge volumes. The plan was then executed with Childs organizing the vibro coring and laboratory testing efforts. The dredge design plans and specifications were then prepared for the dredging. Childs also prepared the environmental permit applications.

Based on the result, Childs filed for all the local, state and federal permits for offshore disposal, and prepared construction plans and specifications for the USCG to administer the Contract.

Project Type: Hydrographic Survey, RegulatoryDredging