At Childs Engineering, along with underwater and topside inspections our engineers are also experienced in the design of repairs and design of new structures. The same engineers that perform the infield inspections carry that knowledge through to the design phase of every project thereby maintaining continuity and knowledge throughout to the completion of each project.

Since 1970, we have designed pretty much any type of structure that is either in, on, or by the water including piers, wharfs, seawalls, and marinas. During the design process we make sure that we have a clear understanding of our clients’ goals so that we can find the most economic solution to the project from start to finish.

We use many modern tools including 3D modeling, structural analysis software STADD, and berthing and mooring software OPTIMOOR, to help us in the analysis of each structure, as well as the 30+ years of experience each of our principle engineers have.

Along with the design of structures  we are also experienced in permitting and waterfront regulations.Our engineers  are able to collect the data required for the design and permits including hydrographic and topographic surveys as well as any sediment or geotechnical data that is required. Once a structure is designed and permitted we are also able to assist clients with the bidding process as well as  construction over sight to make sure the structure is built according to the plans and specifications.