Dredging Projects

Childs Engineering has providing dredge design services to clients thought out New England and worldwide. We have the engineering skills to be able to determine if your facility is able to be dredged to the desired depth or to provide you with design options that will allow you to dredge to the required depth.

Most dredge projects start with a review of existing structural data and a hydrographic survey to determine what the baseline conditions are. Once established we will work with our clients to determine how big an area needs to be dredged and what the most likely sediment disposal options would be. With this information we consult with the regulatory agencies and develop the dredge design and establish a sediment sampling and testing plan for regulatory approval. Once we have designed the dredge area and executed the sampling and  testing plan we make sure we pursue all the required permits on behalf of our clients. With permits in hand we can produce contract documents and aid with the selection of contractors.Childs and also provide contractor over sight in addition to pre and post dredge hydrographic surveys.

With this attention to detail and in-house ability, we are able  to minimize delays and get your project completed as soon as possible.