Childs Engineering uses its in-house survey crew and equipment to conduct hydrographic and topographic surveys anywhere in the world. With a variety of hydrographic field equipment we can use our own large or small boats locally or fly our portable equipment to any part of the world and use a locally available vessel.

Our certified technicians use the latest hydrographic survey software, Hypack, along with our single beam fathometer and GPS system to provide both economical and accurate surveys. We also conduct side scan surveys to determine if any obstructions are on the seabed or to survey structures such as seawalls and bulkheads.

We often use topographic survey to tie in the upland area areas into our hydrographic surveys to provide our clients with a seamless survey though the tidal zone. However we also use our total station for standalone topographic survey, seawall monitoring studies, and structural layout.

While most of our projects are in support of our design and permitting efforts for waterfront structures and dredge areas we also work with our partners if larger surveys are needed or other underwater imagining requirements are better suited.