Childs Engineering has the in-house staff and equipment to inspect and analyze structures above water, in the tidal zone, and underwater. Our experienced engineering staff uses destructive and non-destructive techniques to assess structural deficiencies, and develop repair strategies. Some destructive inspection techniques include timber and concrete coring to determine the current internal condition of a structural element. This can often be used in a life cycle analysis to focus on repair types that will achieve the owners’ objectives. We also inspect mooring hardware according to UFC 4-150-8 including pull testing either the hardware bolt or the actual fixture itself to make sure it can withstand the loads it is rated to.

As all our engineers are able to inspect structures both above and below water it enables us to maintain a much better consistency though out any project resulting in much higher quality reports and designs.

We conduct routine, design level, construction oversight, and emergency inspections and all waterfront structures, including bridges, piers, wharfs,bulkheads, seawalls, and marinas.

No matter if the inspection takes a few hours or several months, Childs Engineering has the team that can mobilize around the world on short notice, to provide you with the information you need to keep the structure operational.